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Revolutionizing Sports Experiences with Immersive Technology and AI

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About Mirage Insights

Ultimate Fan Experience

Mirage Insights pioneering platform is poised to redefine fan engagement in sports, offering an enhanced experience before, during, and after the game by leveraging the advanced interactive and immersive capabilities of Apple Vision Pro

Our ambition is to transform fan experiences across various sports.

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Next-Gen Experience

Key Features of the Solution

The immersive and augmented capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, complemented by our extensive sports expertise and proficiency in immersive platform development, allow us to deliver an unparalleled fan engagement experience.

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Immersive and Augmented Experience

Enhances live sports with an immersive experience that combines real-time action with relevant data.

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Monetization Models

Offers personalized engagement opportunities for teams, organizers, and sponsors to explore innovative monetization strategies

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Enhanced Personalization

Utilizes Apple Vision Pro’s capabilities and Mirage Insights technology for personalized fan experiences, bringing fans closer to the game

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Provides insights into game, team and player performance for an unmatched fan experience

Our passion for sports and technology drives us. We aim to create a cohesive ecosystem that brings together sponsors, fans, and teams for an extraordinary augmented live experience.

Jes Gram-Hansen, CEO of Mirage Insights
Why now?

A window of opportunity

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AI and VR intertwined

The rapid development within AI in recent years drives a multitude of potential for VR/AR usage. VR/AR and AI intertwined drives both completely new experiences and efficiency gains

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Unlocking the promise of VR

Previous VR solutions have failed to deliver on the promise of VR. Apple’s unique position, product innovation, and user centric approach finally delivers the experience users want. The market is ready - but not yet served.

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Users appetite for new experiences

For over a decade, screens have shaped SoMe, entertainment, and social connection experiences. Despite intelligent and user-centric execution, screens remain a non-immersive barrier. Users are ready for a mature VR/AR experience.

Opportunities like no other

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Deep Sports Expertise
We are committed to transform and deliver an unparalleled fan engagement experience across various sports.
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Community bonding
Sports play a crucial role in community bonding and societal well-being, and Mirage Insights is committed to bringing immersive sports experiences to fans worldwide
The Team

Experienced innovators & investors

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Founder Team
Jes Gram-Hansen
CEO of Mirage Insights
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Advisory Board
Jørn Larsen
CEO of Trifork
Photo of Karan Yadav
Advisory Board
Karan Yadav
CEO of Trifork US
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Advisory Board
Line C.A. Sørensen
CCO of Trifork CH
Photo of Preben Thorø
Advisory Board
Preben Thorø
CTO of Trifork CH
Cofounded by leading NextGen tech innovator and investor